WebWizTools Features

Website Audit

Perform an Audit on Any Website with Over 50+ On-site SEO Factors

Our website audit tool analyzes over 50 metrics and sores pages accordingly with our proprietary algorithm and scoring system. See how your website stacks up to the competition. Fix and address issues that your site may have and compare your score to the previous score and see if your site has improved or not.

  • Find and remove errors that may be preventing your site form ranking
  • Get an overall snapshot of your websites On-site SEO score
  • Improve your websites visibility
  • Compare your websites score to your competition
  • Download a full website audit report

See if Your Website is Optimized for Mobile Speed

Search engines have a separate index for mobile sites, did you know that? Today and in the future mobile websites are growing, as many people are searching from their smart phones and tablets. Make sure your website’s mobile version is optimized properly! Search engines love mobile speed and now Google has launched mobile first indexing which means they are prioritizing mobile friendly websites!

  • Get speed tips on how to make the mobile version of your website better
  • Analyze over 15+ mobile speed data metrics
  • Improve your websites visibility
  • See if your competitors websites are optimized for mobile
  • Find errors and improve them to help your websites mobile version

Great Content and Content Optimization Play a Major Role in SEO

Content is king as many search engines have publicly stated. Analyze and optimize your websites content to help your website rank higher in search engines. The content on your website is more important thank you may think. Search engines analyze content and rank your site accordingly depending on the relevance and quality of the content.

  • Analyze and fix content issues with our website audit tool
  • Avoid a Google Panda penalty by addressing content errors
  • Great content also helps for branding and better user experience
  • Content relevance and keyword placement are also extremely important

See Speed Improvement Tips in Order to Fix Your Websites Load Time

A websites load time is very important for several reasons. Google released an update called caffeine that may negatively affect websites with slow load time. Also sites that may take too long to load can easily lose lots of business from users exiting the site before it loads. Get your websites load time down to a reasonable speed to benefit from search engines.

  • Google caffeine is an update that negatively affects websites with slow load time
  • Do not lose traffic and sales and address your sites load speed with our tool
  • Analyze and address load speed issues that your site may have
  • Make sure your website has a load time of under 3 seconds

Website Security is Real and Your Site Could be under Attack at this Very Moment

Make sure that your website is secure and protected from possible attacks. Currently website threats are at an all time high. See if your website is protected from these potential threats and if not, address them immediately. Every day thousands of websites are attacked, make sure your site is protected!

  • See if your website is using an SSL certificate
  • Analyze the technology used by your site and check for vulnerabilities
  • Look for any potential holes in your websites security
  • Prevent your data from possible theft and damages

Backlink Checker

Referring Domains are the Most Important Ranking Factor used by Search Engines

Analyze your entire link profile and gain powerful insights as to who is linking to you and how they are doing so. By analyzing your websites link profile you can see exactly what type of links are pointing to your website. This can help you look for other potential link partnerships, find and remove harmful links or to see your competitors link data.

  • Analyze your link profile to see how many and what type of sites are linking to you
  • Find any potential harmful links and remove / disavow them
  • View all of your competitors links and try to find new link opportunities
  • See your websites link velocity trend and address it if necessary
  • View the authority (strength) of inbound links

Anchor Text is an Extremely Important Aspect of Link Building

In order to rank higher for a particular keyword, be sure to study the text that is associated with your backlinks. Studying anchor text will help you understand how other websites are linking to you. Webmasters can also see if they are over optimizing which can lead to being penalized by search engines if a link profile is commercial anchor top heavy. Every website has to be very careful as to what anchors (links) are pointing to their website.

  • See what type of anchor text (keywords) are used to link to your website
  • Analyze and reduce the risk of over optimization penalties
  • Gain insights as to how other sites and users view your website
  • See what type of ranking signals your website is telling search engines

New Links are Very Important to Follow and Track

Link velocity “how fast your site is acquiring backlinks”, which says a lot about a website and its trending popularity or downtrend. New link monitoring is necessary because you can identify potential toxic links and remove them sooner rather than later.

  • Track and monitor your new links on a daily basis
  • See where a new link came from and find similar opportunities
  • Search engines use inbound links as the number one ranking signal
  • Malicious links can be removed right from our tool VIA Google console

Track Lost Links as They Can Lead to a Decrease in Rankings

It is good practice to not only monitor new links but also lost links as well. Every time you lose a “juicy” link or links you will want to try and recover and or replace that lost link as soon as possible because it may lead to a loss in rankings. Lost links are a negative ranking signal in the eyes of search engines because they show a loss of popularity (downtrend).

  • Monitor your lost links on a daily basis
  • Find out how and or why your website lost a particular link
  • Many lost links may indicate a bigger problem or issue with your site
  • Locate and analyze each link in full detail

Perform a Competitor Analysis and Gain Tremendous Insights and Knowledge

The easiest way to know how to move forward with your SEO and or Internet marketing campaign is to simply do a competitor search. By studying the websites on page 1 of search engines you can really get a terrific idea of how and why they are ranking so well. You can then set the same goals based on their data so you can achieve the same end result.!

  • Competitors links can help you rank higher with little to no effort
  • See what types of links search engines like and acquire the same ones
  • Perform a side by side comparison and gap analysis with any competitor
  • Create a monthly link building velocity to catch up to your competition

Keyword Rankings

Monitor and Track your Search Engine Rankings

Tracking your organic (search engine) rankings are another very critical aspect of SEO and Internet marketing. By doing so you can track the progress and or decline of particular keywords and see which keywords need a boost and which ones are performing and providing some sort of ROI. You the user have to input these keywords in your project in order to add them and keep a historical record of the keyword ranking progress over time.

  • Analyze performing keywords
  • Analyze non performing keywords
  • Track the rank progress of any site over time
  • Gain historical insights regarding keyword progression

Organic Rankings are Displayed from Multiple Sources

Whether or not users add their own keywords in the WebWiz Tools project section, we will automatically select the top 10 ranking keywords and display that data to our users. By using this logic our users will be able view ranking keywords as opposed to no keyword data at all.

  • Concentrate on high performing keywords
  • Edit or delete non performing keywords
  • See which keywords your competitors are targeting
  • View historical keyword rankings

PPC (Paid Advertising), Gain Insights on Monthly Spending and ROI

Tracking, monitoring and analyzing your websites Google pay per click data can help you save money and vital time in order to achieve the best ROI from your paid advertising campaign. Since Google charges per click you want to make sure that you are running the most optimal PPC campaign and stretching your advertising dollars.

  • Analyze and maximize your Pay Per click budget
  • See which paid keywords your competitors are targeting
  • Access your Google PPC Data without having to sign into Google
  • See the trend of any paid keyword

WebWiz Analytics

Analytics Help to Gain Critical Insights Regarding Traffic Flowing to a Website

Analytics help the website owner breakdown the traffic flowing in and out of their site. It can help identify good or non relevant traffic, traffic sources, user behavior, real time visitor data and much more!

  • See your websites score based on analytical and traffic data
  • View Traffic information for comparison purposes
  • Find out the Alexa rank and other traffic metrics associated with your site
  • Study all of your analytical data under one roof

Track Your Google Data all in One Place

Integrate your Google accounts with WebWiz Tools and have all of your data under one roof. Being that Google is the number one search engine that the majority of websites target for ranking and acquiring traffic, Google data is the Holy Grail of all data. The reason being is that this data is coming directly from Google and not a 3rd party tool. Google will have the most accurate and important data regarding any website.

  • Integrate Google Analytics and view critical data
  • Integrate Google Search Console and analyze additional data
  • Monitor and improve site performance
  • Watch live users on your site with real time data

Traffic is a Great Way to Compare Past vs. Present Traffic Data

Traffic can be utilized to compare traffic received to any website since its existence. This data set has been reviewed by many webmasters in order to view either their own site or their competitions traffic within the last month, 6 months, 1 year and since what is known as “All Time.”

  • View the traffic that your website has received within the last month
  • View the traffic that your competition has received within the last month
  • Locate down trends in order to pinpoint what lead to a downfall in traffic
  • Locate up trends in order to continue a successful campaign

Banner Ad Tracking is a way to Track the Results of Paid Banner Marketing

Purchasing ad space such as banner placement is a common and an expensive process that needs to be closely monitored. With our software any user can view insights regarding their website or their competitor’s websites ad spending and placement in order to gauge a better and more cost effective strategy.

  • View which sites are publishing your ads
  • See how many total ads are being displayed, clicked and converting
  • Grasp a better understanding regarding which ads are seen first and last
  • Analyze and compile this data and stretch your advertising budget

Social Media Matrics

Social Media Metrics are Important for your Overall Branding and Marketing

Having a social media presence is extremely important in developing a well rounded online marketing strategy. There are many social media platforms to keep track of and stay engaged with. The goal of WebWiz social media metrics is to make your life easier with all the data in one location. WebWiz Tools social Media platform provides you with the data from the following websites:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

For a deeper dive into social media connect your social networking accounts with our system to start analyzing advanced metrics.

We have all the major platforms incorporated into our tool, setup is instantaneous.

Keyword Research Tool

Keywords Remain a Very Important Part of Search Engine Optimization

It is very important to put some time and effort into finding and researching the proper keywords to make sure your marketing efforts are a success! According to (Seobook) a keyword is defined as a word or phrase which implies a certain mindset that targeted prospects are likely to search for. There are many types of keywords from short phrase and general like “golf” to long tail such as “best golf shoe” to geo targeted keywords “New York golf courses.” This is why keyword research is so important in attracting the right traffic that will increase conversions, because after all what good is traffic to your website if it doesn’t convert.

  • Volume on Keyword
  • Number of Results (Competition)
  • Keyword Trends
  • Related Keywords

Implementing a Successful Keyword Strategy has become even More Important with the growing influence of Google Rank Brain

RankBrain is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google uses to sort the search results. It also assists Google in processing and understanding search queries.

Having internet users visit your site with vague non-converting or focused keywords can increase bounce rate and have a negative reflection on your website in the eyes of google leading to a decrease in rankings. The better your keywords reflect your business and website, the more targeted your traffic will be and the better the user behavior will be. It’s really that simple. After searching a keyword you will be provided with the following data below.

  • organic search volume
  • total number of search results (competition)
  • paid search stats
  • cost per click estimate
  • ppc competition

Reputation Search

The Power of Search Results

When is the last time you searched your name or company/brand? What do people say about your company and brand? If you are not checking you or your brand regularly then you should definitely rethink your strategy because users most definitely are. If there are negative reviews or listings the average internet user will find them.

  • See what the Internet is saying about your company
  • Try various combinations of searches to dig deeper
  • Negative search results can have a MAJOR impact on your websites brand
  • Locate and possibly remove bad reviews

The Power of Search Results

The best way to remedy this is to be proactive. Our reputation search provides an easy way to quickly monitor your brand name or website on Google.It’s as easy as entering your brand name or website and selecting one of the keywords in the drop down menu. After performing a search the 1st page Google results will pop right up. These first page results are extremely important as most users (an estimated 75%!) do not even bother to search past page 1. So be sure to check regularly and stay on top of your reputation!

  • Monitor your reputation over time
  • See what the Internet is saying about your competition
  • Search your website, name or URL daily to track your reputation
  • Eliminate the need for hiring a reputation management company

Content Optimization

Input any Content before Publishing in Order to ensure that it is Optimized

Content is one of the main driving forces of today’s SEO landscape. The main goal of the content optimizer is to measure your content’s SEO performance. In just 3 easy steps, enter the keywords you are targeting, enter the title of your content , and copy paste your article/blog post etc into the content section to see your contents score. The content optimizer will quickly display a Content Score according to the following metrics:

  • Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword appears within the content compared to the total number of words.
  • Exact Match – displaying the amount of times the keyword is displayed in the title and body of the content
  • Frequency – Showing the percentage of any combination of the keyword throughout the article
  • Keyword Stuffing – notifying the user if stuffing is present or not, it is seen as manipulative and spammy.
  • Readability score – Flesch-Kincaid readability
  • Word count – Total number of words found in the content.